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I love breakfast. Actually, you will notice most of my posts here are about breakfast. And here is yet another revelation for your mornings – overnight oats.  They taste refreshing almost like a smoothie or pudding, but they are so easy and healthy. The idea is simple: combine oatmeal, milk, half a banana-mashed, and vanilla; set in the fridge overnight — wake up to breakfast. The oats are eaten cold, which might sound strange, but is truly delicious.

There are a bunch of recipes out there. I based my recipe off of the Oh She Glows recipe.  Non-vegan overnight oatmeal varieties can be found here.

Overnight Oats

1/2 cup oats
3/4 soy milk
1/2 large banana or 1 small
dash of vanilla extract


Mash the banana. Combine ingredients. Leave overnight in the refrigerator. Enjoy.

A few notes about my ingredients. I only had “tenderly” cut oats, which are rolled oats, I think, but this works with regular oats. It just won’t have the pudding consistency. I also would love to try using almond milk, but I just can’t find it here.

Unrelated, I just finished another knitting project. It was another dishcloth from Wools Happenin. She had a pattern for a monogrammed K dishcloth and I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, I only had pink yarn in my stash (leftover from the bunny project). Still, it makes a nice dishcloth or hot pad. I am going to make one more dishcloth, but then I am going to move onto something bigger and better.


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Granola…simply my favorite breakfast. That’s why it’s so surprising that I have never made it. I’ll go out and pay nine bucks for it at a diner, but make it home… no? Well, that all changed today. I used this granola recipe from the NY Times. People were concerned that the recipe didn’t have any added fat (no butter or anything). It doesn’t need anything.

I did made a few changes to the recipe, though. I skipped the coconut and added more spices. I added nutmeg and just a little clove — sorta gingerbread seasonings. It is perfect. The batch is huge. I think, I could eat it for breakfast and lunch everyday for the next month. Really, I think I will bring it to work for lunch tomorrow. And maybe package it up as a thank you gift, all martha stewart style.

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So this morning, I made a frittata. Nothing special, but worth the extra ten minutes to whip up something a little nicer than scrambled eggs. Plus leftover frittata makes a great lunch.

I combined some partially defrosted veggies (broccilli and corn), cheese, milk (1/3 c) and 6 eggs. Ohh and garlic of course. — You can cook it covered on low heat on the stove or put in the oven at 350. — I did a little of both so it would cook fast and evenly. So easy. Hopefully, writing about this frittata will make me remember to bake them more often. Next time, I’ll use more eggs. It was a little thin.

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