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I am so excited about this Christmas. Germany definitely breeds the Christmas spirit with its busy Christmas markets, fresh white snow, and variety of Christmas traditions. What it doesn’t foster is that crazy Christmas materialism that so often comes in the US. Instead, I have been sweetly knitting gifts and crafting thoughtful tidbits for the people I care most about.

Here are the ravelry links to what I have knit; these could all be whipped together in one night if you were a quick knitter (unlike me):


Gingerbread House Kit

Label from Giverslogs



My coworkers are getting little gingerbread house kits. The idea and recipe are from Martha, but the label was adapted from the Giverslog. These are easy to make and could be pulled together in one evening. I hope they like them.

Merry Christmas.


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So, what’s happened in my life? My sister had her beautiful baby boy.

And I got offered a job in Germany. The kind of opportunity that you don’t even hesitate accepting because right away you know it’s going to be great. So, the last few months, I got rid of most of my belongs: sold my car, donated tons of clothes, and gifted some of my fabric stash. Pairing down my things has been both freeing and frustrating. And now, that I am living with just one suitcase worth of belongings (and a furnished apartment) I can hardly imagine why I needed so much.

I’ve still been crafting and cooking. It’s a nice way to fill the down time.

A gift for my new coworker’s daughter using the bunny nugget pattern. She sweetly invited me to Easter.

A little heart dishtowel for the house. From this tutorial.

Both of these projects were really fun. Since I left my sewing machine in storage, knitting is my new hobby. I am a very basic knitter, but these were easy enough. I have to admit the heart dishtowel took a little bit too much thought and time for me. (It was my first time with a purl stitch.)

But the bunny was a blast. I think, next up is Rebbeca Danger’s “monster chunks.” It would make a good ball to throw around my new classroom.

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I am new sewer. But an enthusiastic, over-producing sewer. Luckily, people gladly take my sewing projects. For Katelyn’s birthday, I made a simple tote.

It was using a pattern from Sew Easy. This book has some nice projects in it. Normally, craft books only have one or two projects that I want to do in them, but this one has four. And they are all really fast. The speed comes at a cost, though. This bag really should have had interfacing. It’s flimsy. Next time, I’ll add that or use thicker fabric. Either way, it was a total hit. Katelyn loved it.

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Granola…simply my favorite breakfast. That’s why it’s so surprising that I have never made it. I’ll go out and pay nine bucks for it at a diner, but make it home… no? Well, that all changed today. I used this granola recipe from the NY Times. People were concerned that the recipe didn’t have any added fat (no butter or anything). It doesn’t need anything.

I did made a few changes to the recipe, though. I skipped the coconut and added more spices. I added nutmeg and just a little clove — sorta gingerbread seasonings. It is perfect. The batch is huge. I think, I could eat it for breakfast and lunch everyday for the next month. Really, I think I will bring it to work for lunch tomorrow. And maybe package it up as a thank you gift, all martha stewart style.

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The smell of vanilla is so comforting. Sweet goodness. Without smelling sweet at all. This homemade honey vanilla salt scrub has great fragrance, but it really exfoliates my skin. I think, it makes me glow. I made them as gifts for a bridal shower and now everyone is obsessed, so I thought I would share this great bath scrub.

The recipe couldn’t be easier. I basically had everything around the house. The proportions are easy too 3,2,1, 1/4. Well, one quarter isn’t that easy. But anyway, here’s the recipe:

3  cups kosher salt
2 cups honey
1 cup olive oil
1/4  cup (or 4 tbs) vanilla

Just mix everything up in a bowl and scoop into your container. (Makes three containers worth.) I used containers from ikea, but wide mouthed caning jars would work perfectly too. This recipe was adapted from a Ready Made recipe for kitchen skin treatments. Gotta love it. Homemade salt scrub.

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