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Honestly, nothing is easier than making hummus. I make it everytime I have a party because 1. it’s easy and 2. everyone raves. I made a small batch this time, but honestly it got eaten so quickly that I should have made more.

Put 1/2 can chick peas and 2 cloves or garlic in the food processor. Mix. Add olive oil until it is your desired consistency. Scoop into cute glass container and store.

Doesn’t that look great with the whole wheat version of the no knead bread. The bread has two cups of whole wheat flour and one of white. The comments on no martha advised against a whole wheat version, but mine was perfect. Used Bob’s Red Mill organic whole wheat flour.


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Granola…simply my favorite breakfast. That’s why it’s so surprising that I have never made it. I’ll go out and pay nine bucks for it at a diner, but make it home… no? Well, that all changed today. I used this granola recipe from the NY Times. People were concerned that the recipe didn’t have any added fat (no butter or anything). It doesn’t need anything.

I did made a few changes to the recipe, though. I skipped the coconut and added more spices. I added nutmeg and just a little clove — sorta gingerbread seasonings. It is perfect. The batch is huge. I think, I could eat it for breakfast and lunch everyday for the next month. Really, I think I will bring it to work for lunch tomorrow. And maybe package it up as a thank you gift, all martha stewart style.

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