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Thank you Grace for brightening my morning and reminding me that even in fall, the sun shines. This morning Grace from Design Sponge posted a video about making sunprint fabric. I had no idea such a thing existed. Here is the video

You can buy the fabric online here. I am going to call our local fabric superstore (Fabric Depot) and see if they have it in stock because I don’t think I can wait for the sunprint fabric to arrive in the mail.

I can just see a beautiful tote. Or a wonderful silk pillow on my bed. Or a cute new print for my wall. So many beautiful possibilities. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist… even if the fabric is $18 a yard.


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I have been sewing like crazy this week. It started on Sunday night. I made my favorite kind of reusable grocery bag. Next week, I’ll talk about that. This week, I installed my first zipper. Maybe it’s something small, but to me it was as daunting as installing a toilet.  Turned out perfectly. Despite the confusion the explanation from Sewing for Dummies caused. I loved three bear‘s tip about using an extra long zipper. I used her bag tutorial. The bag was a total flop, but the zipper… ahh it was perfect.

My problems with the bag: I doubled the size and because of its construction it looked wonky. At that size it also needed a handle and maybe interfacing. (completely my fault) I made it again in the suggested size and it’s tiny. I am not sure it would hold half my daily makeup. But it is pretty cute and I have gotten a bunch of compliments on it. It hold one ball of yarn nicely.

As for the other projects, they’re gifts. I’ll tell you about them after they have been gifted.

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These plush blocks were the perfect way to use some of the million squares I cut for a defunct baby quilt project. I got totally frustrated with the quilt once I realized that my cute little animal print was directional and the bears weren’t going to be facing the same way. That was a deal breaker. But this morning, I whipped out three cute stuffied blocks. I didn’t use a tutorial or pattern, but in retrospect they look a little wonky. I should have thought it out a little more or followed someone’s directions, like hers. Either way, they are pretty cute and match the bibs I made the little baby boy. Should I make a little drawstring bag to store them in?

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I had great expectations for this blog. I thought it would be the perfect place to organize the patterns I use and the sites I love. Instead, I felt weighed down by the prospect of photographing all my work and writing about it. So I am going to try to this again… but with lower expectations. Maybe I’ll just post once a week. And maybe without pictures. But I do love pictures!

Anyway, my sister is pregnant which has started a flurry of crafting. So I have much to blog about.

Projects completed:

Booties– this was a great tutorial and the adaptations are endless. Mine were dark grey and red with a few artistic zigzag stiches across the toe

Bib from nested. I actually made a set of these in under an hour. So satisfying. (with very little bias tape…which usually drives me insane) Might try ironing on some vinyl next time so the bibs are easier to clean.

Projects to do:

Bath hooded towel from purl bee

Shopping cart cover using a pattern

Projects I would like to do:

A mobile?? if I could find a good tutorial

Blocks from the scraps of what was a much too time consuming quilt project– using a pattern like this one or maybe this one (both via oneprettything)

Along with more booties, bibs, and maybe some things to match the baby shower. I have a million ideas for the co-ed baby shower.

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I learned a lesson about fabric. Always buy it… especially if it is on sale. I don’t think sewing is going to be a hobby that I give up anytime soon. Because sometimes I am just too picky to buy things off the rack. I want things to look a certain way, which often requires me to whip out the ol’ sewing machine and make it myself.

This tank top is something that I could definitely purchase (in a boring fabric). But I have been eyeing this fabric for months. It’s been half off the entire time… I just wasn’t sure I needed it.

Hours after I convinced myself to buy the fabric, I was cutting into it and making this tank top. The tank is a near duplicate of one I already own. I laid an old tank down and copied the shape using my new rotary cuttery (and tracing paper when needed). I sewed along the edges to stop fraying, but I didn’t finish them, since they were all curvy.  And I thought “who needs to mess with that.” So it was a really simple project. And it made my happy to know I made it AND that I really did need that fabric.

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So sometimes the simpliest things can make you happy. For me, hemming this pair of workout pants was just one of those things. It made me happy. Partially because I have had these pants for years. They were always a super awkward length:

Then, in less than 15 minutes and for zero dollars, those pants I have hated for years turned into cute capris:

Now, I have something new to wear to the gym!

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I don't usually tuck in my shirt like this. But it shows the skirt a little better.

I love my American Apparel skirt. I wear it every other day. And besides an embarrassing story involving this skirt, no slip and too much wind…this skirt is perfect. Well, I was browsing online and found an almost identical free sewing pattern.

I was so excited that I just had to drop everything and sew it. I didn’t have any knit jersey cotton on hand, but I did have a pair of jersey cotton sheets from years back. I started cutting immediately. The pattern was really easy. I sewed it together a little too fast for my own good though (made a little mistake or two). But I couldn’t be happier. Plus, there is plenty of fabric from the sheet, so I could sew another one or two if I decided to do it better. Gotta love adding to your wardrobe without spending a dime. Ohh and next time, I think I will make the waist band smaller so it can be high waisted skirt. I love this pattern, so versatile.

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