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Picture from Paper Source

I have lusted after these flowers for years and finally shelled out the $17 for the Paper Source kit. When I opened it, I was a little disappointed. The whole process is pretty simple. I could have thought of it on my own. Plus you get a grab bag of colored paper, which may or may not be the colors you like. (I got lots of brown and chartreuse.) Still once I got started I fell back in love with these paper source flowers. And now that I have the pattern I can buy generic paper, floral tape and wire and make as many as I want.

They are really easy to make and so beautiful. We are going to use them at my sister’s baby shower. Some will serve as centerpieces — two flowers and one adorable stuffed animal. Others will line the ceiling with the streamers. I think they’ll look so cute. The question is: will I have enough patience to make 50? 25? 15? I have five so far.


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