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I don't usually tuck in my shirt like this. But it shows the skirt a little better.

I love my American Apparel skirt. I wear it every other day. And besides an embarrassing story involving this skirt, no slip and too much wind…this skirt is perfect. Well, I was browsing online and found an almost identical free sewing pattern.

I was so excited that I just had to drop everything and sew it. I didn’t have any knit jersey cotton on hand, but I did have a pair of jersey cotton sheets from years back. I started cutting immediately. The pattern was really easy. I sewed it together a little too fast for my own good though (made a little mistake or two). But I couldn’t be happier. Plus, there is plenty of fabric from the sheet, so I could sew another one or two if I decided to do it better. Gotta love adding to your wardrobe without spending a dime. Ohh and next time, I think I will make the waist band smaller so it can be high waisted skirt. I love this pattern, so versatile.


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Good bread made fast. It sounds right up my alley. After reading people from angry chicken to the NY Times talk about no-knead bread for years, I decided to join the craze. I am not usually a bread person. Bread=sandwiches, in my mind.   And I hate sandwiches. Still, I felt like a slice yesterday, so I quickly whipped together the dough. And waited… waited the 20 hours until baking. (A long time I know.) I followed the simple instructions for no knead bread from not martha. Next time I will cook it for 20 minutes without the lid because the crust was a little soft and not the prettiest color (as you can tell). Either way, this bread was great. And I think I’m hooked. Might even make some more dough for pizza this week.

If only I could check out Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking from the library, then my house could become a mini-bakery. Sadly, I caught this craze a little late and there are already 120 people waiting for a copy to be returned. I might just have to buy it.

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I am new sewer. But an enthusiastic, over-producing sewer. Luckily, people gladly take my sewing projects. For Katelyn’s birthday, I made a simple tote.

It was using a pattern from Sew Easy. This book has some nice projects in it. Normally, craft books only have one or two projects that I want to do in them, but this one has four. And they are all really fast. The speed comes at a cost, though. This bag really should have had interfacing. It’s flimsy. Next time, I’ll add that or use thicker fabric. Either way, it was a total hit. Katelyn loved it.

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Granola…simply my favorite breakfast. That’s why it’s so surprising that I have never made it. I’ll go out and pay nine bucks for it at a diner, but make it home… no? Well, that all changed today. I used this granola recipe from the NY Times. People were concerned that the recipe didn’t have any added fat (no butter or anything). It doesn’t need anything.

I did made a few changes to the recipe, though. I skipped the coconut and added more spices. I added nutmeg and just a little clove — sorta gingerbread seasonings. It is perfect. The batch is huge. I think, I could eat it for breakfast and lunch everyday for the next month. Really, I think I will bring it to work for lunch tomorrow. And maybe package it up as a thank you gift, all martha stewart style.

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So this morning, I made a frittata. Nothing special, but worth the extra ten minutes to whip up something a little nicer than scrambled eggs. Plus leftover frittata makes a great lunch.

I combined some partially defrosted veggies (broccilli and corn), cheese, milk (1/3 c) and 6 eggs. Ohh and garlic of course. — You can cook it covered on low heat on the stove or put in the oven at 350. — I did a little of both so it would cook fast and evenly. So easy. Hopefully, writing about this frittata will make me remember to bake them more often. Next time, I’ll use more eggs. It was a little thin.

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The smell of vanilla is so comforting. Sweet goodness. Without smelling sweet at all. This homemade honey vanilla salt scrub has great fragrance, but it really exfoliates my skin. I think, it makes me glow. I made them as gifts for a bridal shower and now everyone is obsessed, so I thought I would share this great bath scrub.

The recipe couldn’t be easier. I basically had everything around the house. The proportions are easy too 3,2,1, 1/4. Well, one quarter isn’t that easy. But anyway, here’s the recipe:

3  cups kosher salt
2 cups honey
1 cup olive oil
1/4  cup (or 4 tbs) vanilla

Just mix everything up in a bowl and scoop into your container. (Makes three containers worth.) I used containers from ikea, but wide mouthed caning jars would work perfectly too. This recipe was adapted from a Ready Made recipe for kitchen skin treatments. Gotta love it. Homemade salt scrub.

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